A Collapsed House Rebuilt

In that top corner of the house
A cobweb swaying in breeze
What made the breeze become the wind
A foul play..it blew butting blind

by Indira Renganathan Click to read full poem

Comments (26)

Nicely symbolic. Good use of metaphor 10+
A marvelous work dear mam. I adore this poem. thank you for sharing....10+++++++ (Magadha)
A great poem dear madam! I derive enormous pleasure in reading this fabulous piece of poetry again and again. ToMyPoemList
A brilliant piece that pack a punch that can knock the heart into a leap.Thanks for sharing
A great iinspirational poem emphasizing the importance of hard work and consistency. Heartiest congrats on poem of the day.
A wonderful poem imbued with wisdom, insight and spirituality. The harshness of life will not deter us to rise again and again like the spider on this marvelous write. A poem of courage, perseverance and hope. A great message to humanity. Congratulations, Indira for a well deserved accolade.
Verey interesting. In my childhood I used to watch spiders weaving cobwebs. Now I am happy that I have a friend too to watch the nature's boon. Congratulations being the poem POD
A poignant rendition elegantly encapsulated with insight. Thanks for sharing, madam. Remain enriched.
A beautiful message of hope and perseverance in a few words! Congratulations!
Congratulations on your poem being chosen as Poem Of The Day1 It's a beautiful short poem with excellent power of observation!
Life always finds a way to express itself- even in unlikeliest of forms. Thanks & Congrats for this poem adjudged POD, Indira Ma'm.
Why does a breeze become wind that sways the house of little spider ? Who knows? Perhaps a foul play.But it is God's mercy that makes life come to track. Congratulations esteemed poetess Indira Renganatham for your poem being selected as the Poem of the Day!
What made the breeze become the wind A foul play..it blew butting blind Chasing the wind now cobweb in a play It's His mercy the spider back on way Behold, he is weaving again his house - - - - - Such a beautiful poem with spiritual depth! (Part-1)
A beautiful verse, Indira. Congratulations on Poem of the Day.
An excellent little poem on nature dear madam! Many congratulations for this beautiful work being chosen as Poem of the Day!
beautiful poem penned, beautiful poetic expression// congrats for being selected the poem as POD
.This beautiful poem is in brief but a brilliant philosophy on life relating to spider is inside it. In my second visit I found this poem as the member poem of the poem of the day. Thanks and congratulations, dear madam.
Dear Indira Ma'm! I am so happy and pleased to see your poem as the POD. Heartiest Congratulations! You highly deserve this honour. A lovely little poem of hope, perseverance and life! What greater example than a spider! A full score of 100 for you dear, dear Poetess!
A wonderful little poem on a wonderful little happening. A ray of light may not reach that corner of the house, but the poet's imagination has reached there well. jahan na phonche ravi, vahan phonche kavi.
An inspiring poetic write, dear Ma’am Indira. Congrats on your selected piece...10+++