A Collection Of Haikus #2

Poem By Kateh Shirk

Heh. I'm back with more beatiful haikus.

Fuzzy dandelion
seeds float away on the wind.
No more weedless lawn.

Gray clouds blanket sky.
No snow falls from them, sadly.
Still no blizzard storms.

Bare branches await
the warmth of spring to bring forth
new leaves and green hues.

Fish hide in the ice
covered lake. The fishing line
dangles in the cut hole.

Pigeons gather in
a large flock on the building's
roof. They don't mind winter.

Sweltering heat bakes
us in the summer daylight.
The pool isn't open.

Day fades to the night's
dark shadows and clouds hide the
stars and the moon.

A rabbit hides in
grandma's lilac bush and
watches for danger.

Squirrels dart around
the tree, jumping from one branch
to the next quickly.

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