A Collection Of Haikus

Poem By Kateh Shirk

Frost covers the window
while snow buries the gray truck.
This is scraped off.

Warm sunlight shines down
on the beach as the waves crash
washing away sand.

The daffodil's bloom
welcomes the first day of warmth.
Tulips follow them.

Rake the leaves I'm told,
and make a pile, but alas,
my brother jumps in.

The water rushes
in the river, flowing by
the cedar forest.

Mother duck leads her
chicks, all in a line to home.
They steadily walk there.

Fluffy clouds pass by.
I lay and lazily doze off.
The sun's warmth is nice.

Rain is pouring down
and the thunder booms loudly.
I can't go outside.

Stars light the midnight
sky and the moon smiles on me
as I travel to home.

Gusts blow around us.
Maybe I can fly my kite.
The string might break, though.

The sun is rising
and my alarm has gone
off, but I still sleep.

Sunflowers follow
the sun as it moves across
the blue summer sky.

Comments about A Collection Of Haikus

You never let me read these! ! ! Well I love them. Remember to print me off a copy of that Teacher poem, and u should put it on here! it goes well with the rest of your awesome poems
Lovely, I love the from and you are very true to the intent of this poetry style with your focus on moments in nature. I'm glad I got a chance to read these poems. I hope to read more of your work in the future.

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