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A Collective And Normal Mindset
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Collective And Normal Mindset

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Laws created as they are,
Could be interpreted to many...
As making little sense.
Especially when those,
Who preside over them...
Have difficulty explaining,
Just where that thin line begins.
Getting thinner but far from relinguishing,
To diminish an ultimate end.

Something that naturally grows,
And is 'illegally' smoked.
Is considered to be a federal offense.
With the locking up behind bars,
For bringing a harm, if done, to folks.
With the filling up of prison cells,
At the taxpayer's expense.

Which makes perfect sense.
To those earning a living...
Marketing a lucrative decadence.
With a revolving done of their doors.

Someone who commits mass murder,
Is not only granted psycological treatment.
But a background check...
For anything to prove a dysfunctional childhood.
Which is eventually used,
To provide one empathy and a defense one gets.

A miscarriage of justice?
Whoever they are to became attracted,
To allow the birth of this ludicrous twistedness...
Are the ones who should be accused,
And scrutinized for not using adequate birth prevention.

And yet...
Those who are labelled as dissidents,
Are considered to pose the greatest threat...
To such standards that are valued to those,
With a collective and 'normal' mindset projected...
To protect.

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