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A Collector

A collector of stamps
regards them as his precious wealth,
keeping them both new and old,
at a good price they would be sold.

A collector of coins,
paper money and dimes
keeps fresh the memory
of vacation in those countries.

A book-collector keeps the books
as to reading he is hooked.
A stone-collector keeps the stones
as souvenir in his home.
A doll-collector keeps the dolls of Barbie
as if they were her celebrity.
A toy-collector keeps the toys
in memory of his childhood joy.
A porn picture collector keeps the pornography
in tape, VCD and DVD in secrecy.

A underwear-collector keeps them
from both young and old women
by stealing when they were on clothe line
especially at night time.
He has a big pile beside his pillow
which he thinks is his mine of gold.
Some clean, some with kinky hair, some smelly,
some menstrual-blood stained and dirty.
He has many different scents of women
making his den, a paradise in heaven.

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lol.. it sounds.. like you have.. the makings...of.. why do you not simply ask.. the scent of the woman... to be pure must be given... away...iip...still im rotflmsao...