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A Come Back
TAM (1940 / Michigan, U.S.A.)

A Come Back

Poem By Theresa Ann Moore

Days of reckoning blaze on the horizon of darkness
Torturous despair is accompanied by aimlessness
Your world of deceit is sinking into a whirlpool of guilt
Crumbling into pieces, eroding all that you have built

You have consumed an ample amount of a toxic anti-freeze
The face of a loved one appears as you dropped to your knees
The sight of a horrified child brings doubt in spite of your intent
Numbness takes over as you withdraw your consent

Waking from a deep sleep you realize that you aren’t dead
Now thinking a swift demise will be slow and agonizing instead
A yellow cast of jaundice clings to your withering hollow shell
Returning to the living with a gnawing pain that feels like hell

An ounce of strength gave you enough power to reveal…
You confessed to me, your spouse, an ambiguity that was real
For years there had been another with whom you created
A family of sons; 'I am sorry, ' were the words you stated

In that dying moment of revelation reality did not seem to calculate
My only thought was to get you to the emergency before it was too late
Doctors examined and ran test to determine the extent of the damage
Your complexion revitalized and I knew you would somehow manage

It seems that confession and forgiveness are good for the soul
You have another day to thank God for being whole


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Comments (2)

It seems that conclusions always make a significant difference. I'm glad this one, at least, has a positive outlook.
I see many things if this poem that have crossed my life, everyday a new start for them that make it.