Cougars Be Wary

We, cougars, have found ways to stay
In and amongst where humans be,
Cuz humans have a nasty way
Of acting up so bizarrely.
They hunt us not for food to eat,
But of a mix of fear and fun,
Armed with an arrogant conceit,
With a camera or a gun.
We stalk by dark of night new ground,
But always know we're not alone.
The human scent is all around
In this human made twilight zone.

We 'ghost' cats more and more do jaunt
Into the world where humans haunt.

by Ima Ryma

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very well written......
like never ending we go on...well written
A very appropriate title for your poem, ambition and becoming, plans and aspirations not the same thing, especially if we strive for one and accomplish the other, a comedy of errors indeed. Thank you for sharing :)
and dream the dream of Picasso married to Dali...iip
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