(July 19 1983 / )

A Comforting Saturday In Bed With You

I love you sweet one and how I miss you
so very much as I long to see you,
hold you, and hear you sweet Angelic voice
and as I sit here feeling so worn out
I couldn't help but think with a smile
how perfect this Saturday would be
spent with you and just you as we stayed in bed
just relaxing and resting while spending time,
not all sleeping by any means but enjoying
sweet time together while being able to forget
the worlds troubles for a short while.
I'm so very weary and would love to spend
a beautiful Saturday in bed with you while
we so sweetly kiss and tightly snuggle.

I just dream of wonderful comforting hours
of being with you while talking, reading,
quietly resting while smiling
and watching some good movies while
I give you sweet kisses and warm snuggles
with a massage to help ease the pain in your body.
A beautiful comforting Saturday in bed with you
for me would truly be heaven.
I love you my sweet precious Angel
and send you sweet kisses to give you sweet comfort
and to share this dream as well to cheer you up.
Please dream and smile of this with me my sweet love
for one day so soon it will be actual truth.
A comforting Saturday spent in bed
just me and you.

I truly love you sweet one so very much
it overflows from my soul and heart
and how I miss you with with every part
of my body and soul,
you are my dove and sweet diamond I love,
adore, treasure and cherish above all else,
you are my Kira plain and simple my beautiful woman
who's a true gift and blessing.
So I dream of this Saturday in bed beside you
as we just escape into our own world
which is only ours and no other will ever understand,
our bond of true love and being best friends is so very strong.
God bless you my darling always I love you so deeply
feel my arms around you as I reach out to hold you
and feel comforting peace fill you up
as I am with you now and will be holding you even tighter today
so in spirit we can share a beautiful and comforting Saturday
feeling surrounded in our shared true loving warmth.

by Michael P. McParland

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