(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A Commentary

The infantile word 'infantile'
brings up in me a bit of bile.
The other word (he called it boring)
reminds me of him never scoring
in posting something vaguely pleasant
though I enjoy the title 'boy',
I would describe a boy as coy.
But don't forget a boy is young
and not as effortlessly stung
by those who cannot even spell
though try to stand, attempt to sell
their work as something of a thrill
for me it is a tasteless pill.
And I would like to add to this
that rhyming poetry is bliss
and that those men of poetry
like Silverstein and Nash (and me)
and Suess and Goethe of the past
whose poems will forever last
would not appreciate the mention
no matter what the man's intention.
It is a bit like when they fought
in the debate, and one had sought
to be compared to Kennedy
and Reagan whose own heart was free
reminded him of who he was
(a man of doubt and many flaws) ,
so let me close this rather sweetly
you, Sir, to put it more discreetly,
should seek advice up in Seattle
before you enter any battle.

Some words in the above were placed due
to the need to rhyme. This may change the meaning
for some readers, though not for myself.

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Comments (4)

How anyone could bore with your writing is a puzzle. Nicely done! KK
Cool way to put someone out.....So calm and with class.
Poetry done the Nehrlich way Never bores when he has something to say. A 'Commentary' he makes to make a point, May leave some 'bent'... And some out of 'joint'! LSP
I enjoyed this. I think rhyme can be used in many different ways.......snappy come-backs or more serious poetry. Nicely done Herbert. Never change to satisfy the 'popular' opinion. sincerely, mary