A Commitment To Love

A little say to you,
my darling-
You don't come and love me
I can't commit you
as because, as because
I am not alone,
I loved thee-
A millions of
patriotic hearts are hopefully
waiting for me
And I have been hearing
thee voices from dawn
to till night-
They are calling me
as slam-bang with a same
lyric and melody
As like as a national anthem,
is sang as sonorous by together thee
Darling, I can love thy
if you love thee
If you come and go with me there
and sing a song
what they are singing
I commit you
that I will be with you
forever and ever-

- Shaleheen,3rd March,2013

by Musfiq us shaleheen

Comments (12)

wonderful...and nice written...thanks for sharing
Great poem of love, what's profound about it deals with commitment. Love can get you committed.
bravo.nicely penned. i think i commented this before for another poe.love must be bilatteral.if its not it will be changed to either hatred or not. but commitment for love is so admirable. welldone~nb
wonderful piece of poetry well done
Nice poem, a lil bit seemingly with a touch of satire. Am back only now after travel n i enjoyd readin dis.
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