A Common Man's Prayer

Poem By Mohammad Akmal Nazir

I pray you to take me to that height,
From where fall is not possible,
But I know my worth,
Being a human being I am the victim of
All those infirmities which a comman man has,
Jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and greed,
inhabit my mind,
I confess my sin yet I am not strong enough
To stay away from them,
O Lord, forgive my sin,
And help me attain that height of spiritual glory,
From where fall is not possible.

Comments about A Common Man's Prayer

very sweet prayer poem., amen to all your prayers. thanks for sharing.
This poem is really nice one....i like it.....humorous human expectation from the god...
i will incorporate these modest words in my prayers and i know that God will hear them.
Great piece of work; and, thank you for sharing it with us. E.K.L.
Good thoughts, you can read mor on these thoughts in my poems.Also se www.nirantarajmer.com

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