A Concealed Soul

Concealed by a shadow
Behind the windows,
Overlooking the gateway
of no return,
The neighborhood
Is very suspicious
Of the elfish silhouette
Against the glass
Of an unlit room
Where I reconcile
My most precious thoughts...

My thoughts have no cause
For great concerns
Because If I had to,
I would gladly explain,
That I would
Indefinitely remain,
In this cozy room
Where my future
Is being designed...

Obviously reported-a threat!
I retreat behind
My computer's desk,
Deeper into the closed space
Where I listen tentatively,
Motionless, for the door to rip...

Open hinges
With familiar complaints,
Bracing me for opposition,
While I completely quiet I remain
And letting them look like fools..

(c) All rights reserved-2012
New York City

©All Rights Reserved-2012

by Romeo Della Valle

Comments (9)

You speak you heart bro, that is a rare gift! Exquisite!
Romeo, this is sublime, I can close my eyes and feel the flow of emotions, silent and loud, both at the same time, it almost brings me into the state of time travel. Thank you so much! Love and Light! Divine Blessings. And Thank you! :)
Romeo, loved that line overlooking the gateway of no return, . this poem gets a 10 in my book
almost a mysterious and taut moment is painted in these lines. dramatic meaningful and the catharsis is on an unexpected level.. very well done indeed be happy sat
Every line I heartily appreciate.Hold onto with all my soul.You are the man with the magic.For this brilliant piece of supreme achievement....thank you
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