No More Homework, No More Tests

(I was going through my cousins papers after he died and found this. I decided to put this up here today... he left all his works of peoetry to me and some of them we wrote together. I may start to put up some of his poetry on here, i dunno.)

No more homework! No more tests!
We the students of the USA certainly agree,
That’s that the thing for me.
Now I am elected,
To tell you all,
It was a all around vote, we all defiantly agree,
That no more homework, no more tests,
Are the things for us students you see.
We already learn, and (devote) we hope, hours of our time.
So I hope you can agree and certainly see the point we are making.
Less grading for you, more fun for us,
So please, we beg you,
No more homework! No more tests!

by Jinx Natta

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short, up to the point, simple and frank but full of meaning
Touch of the soul mate's hand is enough... to lead & live the life
A straight forward poem-1o
Love this one
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