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A Concept Of Love
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A Concept Of Love

Poem By Topo Gigio

Frantically searching for the word, love.
Desperately wanting you to pronounce, the word love.
Forcing it into my own mind, the word love.
Convincing myself that it is true, the word love.

Why is it that we all talk about it, this word love?
Why is it that we all try to find it, this thing love?
Some elusive concept that must be,
Some kind of mind invention indeed.

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Comments (4)

The divine ordained function of the heart is to love. Love is a blissful spiritual experience that effects all and sundry profoundly. I like the articulation, penning and insight of the poem. A lovely piece of poetry indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Love it! An intangible in-explainable concept that we all search for... fab poem!
Love is all we need, it is in nearly every song. We should not be looking for love, love is waiting to find you.
Deep. very smooth.10