JD (4th of march 1994 / Accra)

A Conf Saf

Sometimes I see the truth
Yet I ignore it
Sometimes it's just the highlight
Yet I always miss the tit bits
You've got the ring
Where would the punches go?
Well I guess in it
The truth is
The truth this
When the roof comes down
When years whirls around
Would it stop?
Would that be the end of the mob?
Will they bury the hatchet will they ignore what the fact is
That the world is never fair
When my eyes sees clear, when my nights are blur
I play it all night, my best nights are always first.
Friends say go in, I say never
They say come on! e dey bee ruff
Nah STDs they iness "chao"
When they say her love is the greatest
Tell them you were once a fun of the Lakers
When they say hope it ends well
Tell them it never does
When the letter is "l"
Lies all lies
These are the words I sang to a brother. Nah! Lies all lies.

by John Dadzie

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