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A Confession Of A Frustrated Swimmer
MJB (Pasig City, Phil. / October 12,1984)

A Confession Of A Frustrated Swimmer

Poem By Marie Joyce B. Negapatan

I can never be as graceful as a dolphin.

No, I can never ever be.

The fact is as clear as the crystal waters of the Pacific Ocean.

No matter how hard I try

I always ended up in one corner

And just cry…

Why can I not swim my way to victory?

Why do I always drown in my own tears?

I don’t wanna be a laughingstock.

But this is my role in the class.

To provide entertainment

And make myself a complete fool

Floating in that filthy pool.

Today, I’ll never ever forget

This frustration and disappointment

When I decided to give up the fight

And walk away feeling frustrated

Coz I lost the battle when I didn’t even fight.

Tears, tears, tears!

Stinging my cheeks

Burning my soul

With too much shame

Now I know

I can never be like them

I’ll just float away

And let the tides carried me away

From this misery and sorrows

Of this frustrated swimmer.

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Comments (1)

Lovely one Marie. The use of the swimmer as a metaphor is great and a unique way of illustrating the point. Would you look at the 7th line again, I'm not sure that it makes sense. Should it be: ' Why can I not swim...? ' Regards, Denis Joe