Thoughts Of Suicide

Thoughts of suicide grow
Why do i think like this?
Why cant i live in harmoney?
Why cant i live in bliss?

Suicide is like a virus
It devoured all that was pure
Why did i hold that knife to my chest?
Why cant i find a cure?

Thoughts of suicide overwhelm me
One pill, two, three pill, four
Only 8 more to go now
Come on im nearly through that door.

Suicide has taken my voice
So no one can hear my pain
But even if i could scream at the top of my lungs
Would it be invane?

No one wants to listen
No one even cares
My feet are over the edge now
I will glide right through the air.

If my thoughts become reality
Would i be missed
Or would i be cast off as another number
With my name added to a list.

My thoughts of suicide stay with me
One day i may be free
Is suicide my only option
well tomorrow is a new day,
I shall wait and see.

by Chris jones

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........incredible poem....distance seems to have that effect ★