A Confusion Of Mixed Feelings

In the outward movement of our senses
we revel in a range of tastes
many very fine and some we know
to be perhaps a little base.
They all have one thing in common
these enjoyments that we partake
they all need something from outside
to fill a need we find inside.
And when fully satisfied
in a deep contentment we then reside
one that we feel was delivered
by the tasty dish that our senses savoured.
That is the error that I spy
Ohh no that’s not it say I.
This contentment, deep satisfaction
Is revealed when we no longer feel
that we lack that which we so much need
to satisfy a whim or lust or greed.
So to be happy give up what you desire
let it burn in the sacrificial fire
and be content.
No longer mixing thoughts of pleasure
with the ever present happiness
that is revealed
when we just let go of what we held.

by David Taylor

Comments (5)

Profound philosophy of renunciation, sacrifice and self-control expressed beautifully.
'Is revealed when we no longer feel that we lack that which we so much need' Very philosophical, David, and exactly what I came across - when we declare we don't have something, the universe understands that is our desired state, whereas when we declare we are satisfied with what we have, the universe gives us more things to be satisfied with. It defies logic, but I've tried it and it works - it is just very difficult to apply when I don't have money! Kind regards, Margaret.
David, I think I've had this argument with myself once or twice! ! Fine work my friend! ! Hugs, Dee
Great poem... Sometimes, letting go is no easy task and when I think of 'will I ever be satisfied', the answer I know will be right on, is, when I love myself first....Only then will things fall into place and confusion end......This is really good! ~~marci.xo
I love it! very pure and so outstanding!