The Song Of Despair

Somehow you are missing from my memory.
The night falls slowly, coming with tranquillity.
Deserted is our once happy home as you are gone,
my whole life has turned into stone.

You swallowed all our possessions, left an open door,
and only empty spaces on the wooden floor.
In your love I once was lost,
but your betrayal came at an extremely high cost.

You wanted me only for the body’s bliss
and went to a lover and that is the way that it is.
Too many times I had to draw curtains back,
in life and coming death change the ways that you did act.

Too many times as my wife
you were part of me, were too important in my life.
Now what was once ours fades to oblivion,
as life not ending just moves on and on.

This is the time of departure
when birds go to their nests in nature,
when to ashes wood in the fireplace burn,
when you left on a journey of no return.
Much too slowly this night moves on, once happy one.

by Gert Strydom

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