My Past

'I have a past.'
She said as he asked
He turned away
As if to say
'Your complicated arent you? '
'Maybe a little depressed to.'
She felt his stare on her face
trying to find words she misplaced
Why bother? He woudn't understand
The world of troubles she held in hand
The burden of growing up in a day
was catching up and in the way
tears rolled down the side of her face
her heart beating at a steady pace
He saw the pain in her eyes
Watching her soul as it dies
Her heart was broken, the pieces fell
She needed help, he could tell
He held her close to his heart
And picked up the pieces that fell apart

by Chelcie Reaves

Comments (7)

Beautiful. Parents should all set this kind of parenting as their goal. Very smooth and easy to read, the rhyming pattern fit the style and message. Well done all the way around.
The words come out of the heart of a mother who has put in every bit of herself to bring up her children to be responsible citizen of society. She doesn't care if she will beget love. Thanks. Taking care of them Was like a full time job ......true love never found it's way to me
Heartiest Congratulations on the poem of the day as also for composing such a nice poem. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
A perfect poem chosen. For every mother there is some connection here in your words. Thank you and I hope you have found someone special.
a contented mother who is passionate about her children. she deserves the best, true love
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