A Contradiction Of Circumstance

Like two pebbles in a stream they clung to one another.
Secure in their place and anchored to life by their mutual commitment.
As the turbulent water washed over them they accepted life as it was.
But alas the contradiction of their circumstances and their dreams caused a friction between them.
Until one day, as if discovering they were being held by a stranger, the one let go of the other.
Unable to resist the current alone they tumbled through the rush of the water.
Driven to the sea, helpless in its awesome power, they wandered aimlessly until at last they came to rest upon a beach of pure white sand.
Beaten down by the relentless waves of the vast ocean of life that surrounded them the two found themselves diminished and changed of form and purpose.
They had become something new, and in this new form rejoined and were of one manner.
They basked in this moment of peaceful sunlight. Warm and together knowing full well the power of the sea to once again separate them.
Yet both were content with the knowledge of what had been, and knowing no power, not even the sea, could disturb the precious truth of those moments together.
Each felt the freedom of their shared memories and felt no fear of their uncertain future secure in the knowledge that what had been, will be again.


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