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A Conversation With The School Bathroom
YD (1990 / )

A Conversation With The School Bathroom

Poem By Yiling Ding

No, no
No, thank you
Please, no.
I simply must refuse
your kind offer to
sit down.
I'll just do my business
and be gone in a second,
so no, no, I
really don't need to sit down.
Thank you, though.
But really, there is no need
for me to join your guests
and wreck your furniture
by placing my undeserving ass
on your... um...
beautiful chairs. Really,
they're beautiful. Surely
there are people
more deserving than I to
share your legacy.
I'm done now. No, I don't
want to sit down and
have tea. Thank you.
Good bye.

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Comments (2)

This made me smile....the conversations we have, hope it wasn't a teacher? lol Nice work. Tai
This was kinda funny, : P