BD ( / Winnemucca, Nevada)

A Correction Officer

Some inmates call him "The Police",
Others the Jerk and still others it's him.
But the Public calls him "The Guard".
But I wonder is it worth it all.

He enters the gate on his day.
He counts those inmates, yeah they're all there.

Then it starts: I need a pill, I need that form, I need some
soap, I need a razor, when's my visit?
Then before he knows it, that moment becomes 30.

Then the boss says, you got a moment?
He says, yeah, I got a moment.

Then it's checking them, then it's feeding them, then it's
pill moment.
On and on it goes.

Finally eight hours of moments passes,
Yeah they're all safe and sound.

But lest we forget, God loves him and them no matter what
because He made them all and that my friend, is a fact.

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