Crocheted Hearts

Poem By William Coyne

To a poet of India for his warmth which can never be outdated
'With warmth for your severe winter', you said.
And every snowflake from my landscape fled.
I felt the sun from half a world away
Touch my skin with your autograph that day.

Regret echoes back to you on the air.
Love and remembrance, Friend, we both must bear.
Although I knew the poem was no more,
Your solace healed my being to the core.

Stanzas have gone into that atmosphere
In which two songsmiths held each other dear.
Yet somewhere our cosmos is burning bright,
Like Oriental candles against night.

Copyright,2006, Sandra Fowler

Comments about Crocheted Hearts

dear sandraji without love, there is no meaning for remebrance without remembrance, there is no sweetness for love................ O songsmith...hats off...............
This is another level of poetry these words are soft as the air
Sandra this may come to you as a suprise, that these candels shall always burn, and the Soul like the setting sun, continues to live in a 'Parallel Universe'! For it truly never sets, the Astro-physists speculate and says! There are other dimesions lying unknown to man! What Jules Verne wrote then was fiction! But today it is a reality! Perhaps in that other Universe, we shall get a chance to see our loved ones too! Let hope burn eternally in our breasts! After the darkest hours comes the DAWN! 10+ - Raj Nandy
warmth and admiration shown in beautiful words...lovley mam
Such beauty Sandra, words flow in warmth and love as can only be associated with you - thank you for this read

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