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A Country Coastal Town
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A Country Coastal Town

Poem By Francis Duggan

A country coastal town near to the coastal city the main street lit by many a street light
The place is quiet not one person out walking though weatherwise it is a pleasant night
The country towns can be pleasant to live in and even on the weekends they are quiet
The pubs close early by ten o clock the streets deserted with only a stray cat or two in sight
Not really towns for young people's late night parties as the oldies to the police of the noise complain
Many of the young on leaving school leave for the city the same old story over and again
The country town a quiet place to retire in for the ageing fellow and his ageing wife
To enjoy the peace in the rural surrounds for such a thing there is a time in life
On wattle tree lit by an orange street lamp a magpie flutes his familiar melody
Perhaps as a warning to male neighbours of his own kind that this the border of his territory
On a tree in the park a male brush tail possum calling there is aggression in his rough harsh cry
And beyond the hill that overlooks the township the moon creeps up the starry Autumn sky
A poet may well describe the silent beauty that seems to be everywhere around me
And on the streets of the quiet coastal township another human soul I do not see.

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