HB (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)

A Country Girl

She was a country girl, in her faded old blue jeans,
she was so full of life, and she was full of dreams,
she would dream about the future, and how her life would be,
yes she wanted children maybe two or three,
she dreamed who she would marry, might beTommy Brown,
maybe it would be someone new, that just moved into town,
she knew she liked the simple life, like most country girls did,
and she would be so glad, when she wasn't such a kid,
she liked the sound of rain, when she was in the barn,
there was so many things to do, out there on the farm,
the smell of new mown hay, always thrilled her so,
but she knew this way of life, would sometime have to go,
the years passed so slowly, but somehow slipped away,
still she knew her dreams would all come true someday,
then one day it happened, she met a charming man,
she fell in love with him, it is when her life began,
for many months they dated, then he bought the ring,
when he placed it on her finger, her heart began to sing,
in June they were married, now she was his wife,
she had enough happiness to last her all her life,
the babies started coming and filling up their home,
with her husband and her children she would never be alone,
troubles they had some, but nothing very bad,
kids were always laughing, none were always sad,
the years passed by so quickly, the kids had all moved away,
they would come to visit, but she knew they wouldn't stay,
soon she started dreaming about her life again,
and she would dream about the days out there on the plain.

written by Harry Bryant
12/15/04 7: 00: 11 PM ©
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

Comments (2)

Lovely rhyming story.
As always Harry, you tell such beautiful stories in your poems. I love this one. I could envision this all in my mind. Time goes by so fast, in the blink of an eye...but we do have the memories to visit. Love your writing! Your friend always, Terry