A Country's Burden Of Birth

A country's eye is full of tears
Her face gloomy and her land
A bleak sunless patch.
This is where I am destined to be
To witness hunger take its bite
And death its toll.

There is no negative attribute
That can not be found on this land
Except underneath where a great heritage
Of liquid gold splashes its wealth
But lost to the bestial sadist few.

On the streets
On the stinking gutters
The brains of society are captured
Prowling the dirt bins
A royalty seeking rags.

Still GDP and unemployment
Are all time high yearning
To touch the sky.
A coterie of men jostle with knives
Cutting to their satisfaction
The elephant that the country has killed.

And a country's middle class
Is crushed between the tongs
Of the very rich and the very poor
This is where I am born
And will be born again in my second coming.

by Tony Adah

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