A Couplet Of Absurdity

'Oky Dokie' agreed an Okie from Estokie
A local singing yokel was sipping yellow yokie
The smell of some roasting bacon
has Rover all twisted and achin'.
While finding a scrumptious muffin
brimming with a blueberry stuffin'.
Stretching out to a surfing bird
which the garbage men had surely preferred.
We listened to his garbled form of rap
as Peg-Leg Bates began to furiously tap.
Because of a row of dumb formalities
we lost ourselves in a total calamity.
Walking through a prairie's pasture
we ventured into an absolute disaster.
During a fascinatingly ludicrous masquerade
we performed a round of comic charade.
Tripping over our unlaced blue suede shoes
Carl Perkins started up boppin' the blues.
All God's children gotta rock and roll
slippin' and a shakin' all out of control.
Where have all the good times gone?
They have escaped the Earth upon a golden swan.
Reaching someday the Holy Gates of Peter
not knowing the count of heaven's parameters.
Everything blown off like it did not matter
All the chicks did was cheep and chatter
with an aggravating style of voice
leaving us all with no other choice.
Irking like a madman without a goal
finding no one who would condole
my suffering and soothe me mildly.
Hence I will scream out loud and wildly.
Help me to procure a new position
I have been shifted without decision.
See the diver do a turn and twist
with a Rolex upon his wrist?
Donnie pulled the string with all the cops
It wasn't a pun he did suddenly drop.
They all laughed as a hideous crowd
showing their ignorance strong and proud.
Returning into the comic hilarity
was for the everyday man a scarcity.
Ridiculed was our method of common sense
Here is our fable and last defense.
Throwing a bouquet on her wedding day
kept grandma weeping in complete dismay.
Happy are the wicked as they boast
about their monstrous heralded host.
Thus we obliterate their great disgrace
by saving the rest of the human race.
Blowing our nose on their agenda
echoing their final closing cadenza.
Holding our humor cozily within.
Exploding with laughter is not a sin.
So I will most forwardly continue
blasting the norms to unglue
the restraints of the overridden
letting it roar with the most forbidden.
Culturing the gift of black humor
Scoffing at the blatant rumor
Curling our finger over our head
waiting for values to return instead.
Welcome to the harlequinade
Come to my clown's promenade
The exception is the most impressing
gifting us with an absolute blessing.
Discovering the beautiful alternative
Giving life's spirit the affirmative
Let it all simply hang on the line
and enjoy a glass of superb wine
Finding a new responsibility
through the usage of absurdity.

by Paul Amrod

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