A Cow Kind Of World

You know, I wouldn't mind if I
Were living in a cow kind of world
Green grass and red dirt roads
A sky overhead with cloudy swirls

Just eating and having little chats
You don't have a single care
Life is gentle and relaxing
At least no problems you're aware

Following one another sometimes
Like to the shade or out of the rain
Or to the grain trough or pile of hay
They always want the very same

Moms and aunts share in calf-sittin'
While the babies take a little snooze
Everyone getting along it seems
Don't feel they have a thing to lose

Yes, I think it would be a good life
If in my next time around I was hurled
Into the life that seems quite satisfying
In a comforting cow kind of world!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (3)

Seems like a nice life! !
Love cows and chickens are neet, animals truely know how to make the best of the world, while we humans tend to really muck it up thinking we have a much better life. LOL We are now really that smart at all. T
what a sweet sentiment!