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A Crack In Time
(09/1965 / Australia)

A Crack In Time

Theres a crack in the clock, a crack in time
Crack in my heart and cracks in my mind
Take me back to when it all started
So I can stop being broken hearted.

Suspended in air, almost floating
But continously falling all the while
Moments are seen in reverse
As my memories just compile.

Rising up, yet never landing
Morning comes to cushion the fall
In the evening, as I lay waiting
The sun hides, for night will cover all.

Now comes a fear with falling
Steeped even within a dream
See the ground rapidly arising
So too with my silent scream.

Heartbeat keeps on knocking
long after I wake
Do these dreams foreshadow
Falls that I must take?

If I'd really known before what I needed most of all
I should've stayed where my heart was with my soul
Got nothing right now, just a blurred reflection
Of the broken time, trapped in suspension...

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Comments (4)

this incredile work
Good use of rhyme scheme aa, bb in: ...time ...mind ...started ...hearted
Can we do a collab sometime Gaurim004@gmail.com I used this poem for a theater monologue-gave cr
Really good poem