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A Cracked Heart
AM (18/10/1995 / Plymouth)

A Cracked Heart

Poem By Amber Millar

A hairline fracture run through your heart,
You take a gasp before the ache starts,
Inside it throbs in time with your tears,
Your face feels wet and your thoughts are unclear,
You clutch at your chest, you sob out your pain,
You try to stay calm but it's far too much strain,
Take deep breaths but your hurt is too strong,
You thought he was right but you turned out wrong,
Too much going on inside your head,
Trying to figure out what you did or you said,
That caused so much anguish to befall your life,
But every thought just twists the knife,
That sits snugly in the centre of your heart,
An invisible weapon that tears you apart,
A fracture is better than a break, you see,
But you care to stand and disagree,
A break can be supported right from the start,
But nothing can be done for your cracked open heart...

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