Can You Feel The Sadness In The Music

I watched a girl paint a tree onto paper,
I compared art with reality.
I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

Some people go crazy wildly,
But most who live,
go crazy quietly.

I saw a man in a wheelchair,
I drank to his sorrows.
I wondered if he had a broken soul to match his broken body.

The pencil heart of a silent hero,
Words don't mean a thing.
Can you feel the sadness in the music?

I studied a flower instead of a star,
Oh how painful the human condition was.
I wanted to gently place the flower in her hair.

by Khembottra Oum

Comments (26)

This poem is a good one and i like very much
..........a beautiful lullaby, a sweet write ★
i love my mother beqese she is a god,
Cradle the very beginning and growing of a little child. The mother's affection that matters which the songs of cradle songs are familiar. This is a beautiful song from the great poet.
I cradles my heart while reading. Wonderful read
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