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Lost In The Crowd

I was lost in the crowd,
A crowd which no one can dream about.
I go to everyone, one by one,
In case if they can help me.

‘Oh! No, not know. I got to be busy’ they replied…….

Searching for my way,
I met someone on my way.
Meeting that someone I felt as if,
It was my mirror reflection.

He helped me find my way, lifted my spirits……

I could not believe,
I was flying up high in the sky.
Until one day, I came to know,
He has his own different way

This is all I have to say……

@copyrights reserved with Author.

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I really like your style. I think we have a lot in common.
Dear Ershad, aka, Devil Poet If 'Crazy' is to be defined as Insanity then please make note; It is commonly believed and professionally psycho- analyzed that the entire human race are predisposed to mental illness. You seem to have a compulsive literary drive to write and admit to being crazy, insane or both. Calling yourself a 'Devil' Poet, no less, is in contradiction to the few poems that I've read.Your comment to my poem, 'A Peace of War' is exactly as follows. ( Ershad Mazumder (10/18/2008 11: 19: 00 AM) 'Super excellent piece dear Louie. I live in a whore House to live in peace. Because whole world is now under the command of warmongers'.) ---- Your reference to religion, hell's devils, calling god by gender, as he-him are but only a few of the many terms and thoughts that I've seen that you've written. Yes, I agree about writers like our 'Selves' are in part, messengers of another inherent library of unconscious words, thoughts and behavioral manners that are passed on via the instinctive DNA, evolutions of all life, organic or otherwise. It has been wisely proverbed and written from that of India birthing wise culture possibly, Buddha 'god is not he god is not she GOD is WE' Swami quote; 'ALL things that have 'Self' are Godly' I dare not read of all the many, many of your poems listed here. I'm certainly not wanting to be redundant of Earth's insanity. Especially of the unpredictable, predictable tolerances that we all must confront to survive among the evils of many other.ungrateful inhabitants. 'We are cursed, as all other 'Life' are better, without 'The Human Mind' Ref; 'Some behaving people are; ' - by; louie levy
poetry is not merely a composition but a reflection of one's thoughts... if thys is wht u think... thn i wud advice u rest for a day...for u hv tortured urself enough... believe me its futile chasing life.... stop the empty race... ponder on the deeper side of the life gifted by almighty....
Dear Devil Poet - As Gibran has said 'we dwell in the house of tomorrow.' This existence can not touch you. Like a woman who has been raped, it is the rapist that soils himself. Be who YOU were meant to be. Blessings to you - Cheryl
a fine deliverance from a poet..the sentiment of being a writer... a nice fine composition... Ency Bearis
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