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First Encounter - Jackie Chan
GS (27th March 1962 / Cairo, Egypt)

First Encounter - Jackie Chan

wow, he thinks
everybody is hard out
to be a star

For whatever reason Jackie did not come across as a friendly person. I met him twice and he somehow gave me the feeling that he thought everybody wants to be a star and so treated everybody in such cold manner. Two years back, I asked to take his picture at the Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur after he opened his own gym here but good lord, after the picture, he just walked away without even saying a word.
There were not even any fans around in the private function. The first time was way back in the 90s when he gave me a cold handshake. He made me feel he had the habit of snubbing people.

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A psyco-therapic love poem, Thanks.
your poem reminds me of me....i write these messages too, i type them out on my mobile and never send them! I liked the free flowing stule of your poem. Preets
This is universal and appealing. I would like you to try (for yourself) this poem in free verse and see if it has more impact. Sometimes rhyme gets in the way. (although I write in rhyme often.) Raynette
Assalam, out of all the poems the one I read of yours this one had touched me the most...
nice job....right to the point.l