GS (27th March 1962 / Cairo, Egypt)

A Crazy Impulse, An Urgent Need

Uncontrollably weeping I reach for my phone
I ring him up and get an out of service tone
I know he's away and that's all I'll hear
But somehow when I call him I feel he's near
I write him a message that he'll never read
I have this crazy impulse, this urgent need
I know its irrational, I know its insane
But it helps me through the day and eases the pain

by Ghada Shahbender

Comments (5)

A psyco-therapic love poem, Thanks.
your poem reminds me of me....i write these messages too, i type them out on my mobile and never send them! I liked the free flowing stule of your poem. Preets
This is universal and appealing. I would like you to try (for yourself) this poem in free verse and see if it has more impact. Sometimes rhyme gets in the way. (although I write in rhyme often.) Raynette
Assalam, out of all the poems the one I read of yours this one had touched me the most...
nice job....right to the point.l