A Creative Mind

The solid foundation of an ideal
Is the equivalent to the depth
Of the mind and the hands
Which design destiny...

Borders outlined
By the possibility of success
Delineating the horizons
Of a renew energy of life...

Entirely new,
Outer dimensions,
Dissolve the staleness,
Replacing it with creativity...

Cosmic and dynamic forces
Are all counterparts
Of a unique shaped form
Which has no end or beginning
Like a circumference...

Poignant and rich thoughts
Freely traversing the universe
And breaking the barrier of time
To carry the true message of:
'Love and Peace for always'!

©All Rights Reserved-2011

by Romeo Della Valle

Comments (9)

I really FEEL all that you write! Thanks for sharing! Great stuff!
Creative minds can change a person's way of thinking and living, through words of depth and honest emotional feelings. Great expression of your inner heart and soul, your words have the power of teaching one to heal through your sharing of them. Loved this poem, thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn
A creative mind belongs to the poet expressing his heart and soul. Going deep within to find the meaning of life. wxcellent
Your insightful thoughts and blessed hands have designed a truly creative, fraternal, and desirable universal message! Loved it! Thanks very much. Maria
very good, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , i can see the words.
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