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A Creature Of Flame And Fortune

A spark of flame is kindled,
The beast opens its blazing eyes,
Exultant in her triumph,
She leaps into the sky.

I fly upon the dragons back,
Sail in calm serenity,
But the fires of desire burn
Too quickly and too fiercely.

Feed the fire dragon,
The pump of burning wings,
A rain of frozen arrows,
A piercing note she sings.

Lidded eyes roll upward,
We all pay for our sins,
Deep within the fires die,
Now the decent begins.

As trailing stars follow me down,
I’m burning ever brighter.
The trailing stars that follow me down
Burn and are lost forever.

Descent into the darkness,
Descent into the abyss,
Descent into the chilly depths,
Cool, clammy, consuming bliss.

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