VM (18/06/1974 / chennai)

A Criminal Brother

A criminal brother
Who studied criminal law, and lawyer by profession
Practiced all vengeance and vices just in family.

On dear father and helpless female siblings
Frustrated by his failures to compete with his brother
Who was a gold medalist, ruling the roost
Father's pet, respected by relatives.

Later mother's demise, made him the real criminal
Into all unethical things like
Drugs, drinks, cheating and beating father for money
Harassing siblings, hounding and hounding.

Behind father's property, ill treated and threatened
Father, not allowing him to enjoy his retirement
In his own house, forced him out, been a threat
To my father's life in ebirated mood
Being sober and subtle in the mornings.

Confused my dear old father to the core
Waited for his death, to swindle all our
Share, by all evil means, finally
Lost it, by gambling with other criminals.

Unable to face the reality, shrunk beside
He started day and night, just boozing
At last attained his premature death at just 46.

What did you achieve, by leaving us in the lurch?
Did you enjoy the life as you imagined you lost just
Because of your disciplined father and dependent sisters.

Where did you go now, are you ashamed to face the reality?
To cover up one mistake, you did one after another
Have you regained the paradise?

You the selfish soul, you lost the paradise
By your criminal deeds, nothing is left for us
You swindled all, bundle it to others as you liked! ! !

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Comments (3)

It is very sad! But, life is like that at times; even though, you all came from the same womb. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Hi it is true but forget him who has attained god feet. Good
What an amazing and realistic poem. Thanks for bringing it on. Many families face the same dilemma I have observed. When a brother is in a position to exploit, neither love nor law can control his mind.