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A Crisp Cold, Cold Day

What a beautiful but crisp cold, cold day
Not a cloud could be seen in the clear blue sky
Minus 17c below but with a cruel, cruel wind chill
Abnormally freezing for the last day of the year

Outdoor celebrations have already been curtailed
Too cold, they say, to bring performers in to sing
Won't, of course stop the forthcoming midnight cheers
The hugs and kisses hoping for a better year

Today has brought families out in their thousands
To the local ski and sled runs for lots of fun
And with the soft newly fallen snow
Will give kids big and small plenty to enjoy

Ponds now frozen and safe for folk to skate
Twirling on ice, showing off spins in partake
People wrapping up with many clothing layers
Keeping warm among the other players

One feels a buzz in the cold, cold air
The anticipation, the excitement
Of the looming magical hour
That hour will not be too long
Crowds count down the seconds
Before the midnight hand strikes
Crystal balls complete their fall
The New Year is welcomed in
Happy New Year to all

Written at Courtice, Oshawa, Ontario - Midday - 31st December 2017

by Deanna Samuels

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