A Critical Span

Life is guided by fate
Fate is guided by her talk
Fate can wait for her
She has the divine gift
To make you sleep in few seconds
As its she who can
Take your life in a span
I swear on her
She never knows about herself
But i have a doubt
Wheather she thinks well
Or goes only with worst.

by abhimanyu kumar.s

Comments (14)

wonderful write...the heart is there...thank you for sharing...10++++++
Sentiments are expressed with feelings not much with a thought... it has its own way of understanding! Thanks.
Intresting love the wording but not sure about the content
Hey man, the poem is awesome and I love it.Be focused and don't mind what people comment, what you are is in you.
I read someone write that you should be careful with your spelling. Don't mind it. As long as you are understood, this is the most important thing in writing. Grammary, etc...is secondary. I love your styles....This one is simple but full of essences of life...In French we say Merci.(Thank you) .
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