A Cross Full Of Your Poetry

Translated by Yiyan HAN (c)
2018-01-20 (last modified 2018-01-28)

Is a devil as well as a mugger
As she wears a mask
Of a maiden or a beauty
Blocking your way

Your mind always desires you to be strong
Against evils but your hands are short of bone
As you're a chicken not an eagle
All the ambitious people aiming high
Are ruthless daredevils

With your kindness
You deal with everything
But others ignore you
Chew on your generous heart
And believe you've been defeated

Whoever first has a murderous thought
Whoever acts quickly, being more vicious
Will be victorious. This is the darkest theory
Of failure or success in the world. For thousands
Of years the superior is always imitated by the inferior

In your whole life you never treats others
Using the secular standards of honor or disgrace
Compassion is the meaning of your life
And it has nailed you to a gigantic cross
Covered with your poems

by Feipeng Shang

Comments (1)

Brilliant write, so full of what it is to be human without ulterior motives just to be kind and compassionate like Jesus but look what happened to Jesus he was just misunderstood because of his humanity! I will put this poem on my favourite poem list and thank you!