A-Cross The Table Isacross The Table

yes, by my admission
it is a pain to be that far on the table

to try hard looking away from the gazes that are on fire
to sound very sane in the intensity
of the whole thing

an itch was to cross the table
though had to look in control

it just was stiff torture
a tease

i am telling you

the smiling eyes
that were questioning

the distance between us
across the table

yet we both enjoyed
the happiness and joy of
the present moment

some food for thought
for us

across the table

yet i would prefer repeat across the table
and cross the table....

are you, getting it what i am getting at

keep smiling
and i am a game

your partner in venture of questions
just for us

to solve
with times

when it is it the that

the this

This, table business of ours

by Sumita Jetley

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