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A Cruch Or Love?
HM (Noverber 29 / Vivian Louisiana)

A Cruch Or Love?

Poem By Hannah McGuire

her voice
a wisper in the wind
her touch gental and kind
her smell
fresh and new
all that is about her is perfect.
you cant help but look at her
her hair blowing in the wind
her laugh stuck in your head through out the day
the time you spend with her you will last forever
the way she walks makes you tremble
the slight flutter of her lashes
her deep peircing eyes make you melt
but why do you love her
why do you care for so
for the time you spend with her is presious
so never let her go.

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Before I can say anything about the poem itself I suggest that you correct your spelling, and grammar as they take away a lot from the contents of the poem which to you may be obvious but as an audience we have no insights into your life aside from the ones you provide in your poem.