My Beautiful Muse

What a beauty that persuade the eyes of men without an orator?
Are you Helen of Sparta or Helen of troy, my beautiful muse?
Nor are you the daughter of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty?
O' wench, your source of beauty has speed past the compass of my wit
Make me acquainted with the source of your beauteous form, o beautiful beauty.
Or did heaven in thy creation decree that sweet beauty in thy form should ever dwell
No wonder the sight of your beauty brought back my once lost wit of poetry
I shall call you my beautiful muse, my Caliope, my Erato, my Terpsichore
And from the fresh springs of your breasts i shall drink; there lies the gift of poetry
Then shall compose more lines with rhymes as did Williams Shakespeare the great
And would have my name immortalized on the lips of men.


Comments (7)

Oh God Mamta ji, not again! Sincerely hope this is that old one, from my side a ten! -Raj Nandy
I am so sorry, Mamta. Even warmth and friendship can be hard to bear when life has become so inconvenient. Thank you for sharing your feelings. I completely sympathize. Love, SandraX
touched a nerve there during rounds...i used to see the anguish on the faces as people would laugh and joke...write funny things and then scamble to get out for a slam dunk...which was ruefully watcched by a young heart very well written cheers
awwh i was wishing to hav dis kind of fracture whre friends wud come n giv their autografs :) .. lovely senryu! !
art is cruel................
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