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A Cruel World
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A Cruel World


We live in a world full of sorrow
so much hunger, suffering and decay.
With people just trying to borrow
enough food to get through the day.

This is a world full of such bias
prejudice on the colour of your skin.
But today it also seems to make an issue
about your beliefs, faith and religion.

I`m a product of my parents passion
it had nothing to do with their creed.
I was born from a womb that loved me
for them my birth had a great need.

We are all just a natural continuation
of lifes need to fullfill and populate.
The rite just to stand on this planet
doesn`t take colour or religion to fate.

The blood in my veins it is equal
to each man that walks on the street.
My heart beats with a natural yearning
to be accepted with my faith and my creed.

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You can go to church and sing your hymns You can judge me by the colour of my skin You can live a lie until you die One thing you can't hide Is when you're crippled inside Ring a bell? Well so many years after JWL wrote that, things haven't changed. All I want is some truth. Just gimme some truth!