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A Cry
FB (3 june 1992 / wa)

A Cry

Poem By foxy babii

Help me please I need it I am hurting quite a bit.
My broken heart is crying my wounded soul is dieing.
Razor blade it chases me, it will not let me be.
He tells me I’m not worth a thing with an evil ring.
He slits thru me with a razor bad, takes advantage when I m sad.
He slaps me hard with my fears, and laughs silently at my tears.
He lies and tells me he’ll make me better as my face gets wetter.
I thought he was the only way to get thru my grey day.
I let him cut deep in me on my body so I could see.
His cold edge that I knew might just bring me thru.
With sticky blood on my hands and skin in red strands.
When I told him to go he would attack me so.
I fell into his cold arms and his thoughts of harms.
On him I did rely he whispered die baby die.
I live with the pain from him that I gain.
He said we were a pair and other never did care.
He said baby I’m all u have got I believed him a lot.
His Shiny silver I held tight thru each long dark night.
Sometimes making my hand bleed him I did not need.
His sharp point so long it glistened was wrong.
He would dig in deep my blood would seep.
In my cold lonely bed some nights I feared id be dead.
From his silver evil edge I did hide when he found me he cut me wide.
In time I grew to like it so my body I hit.
I followed his evil ways thru the long and painful days.
The gooey warm blood would swell my heart in a hell.
When held to him for my life he would stab me with a knife.
Smash and break me on the floor we would be by the door.
Warm red Blood pool wide my arms stuck to the side.
When I cried out for help he’d kick me hard with a yelp.
He bound me tighter every day I let him be this way.
Was all my fault because he said that it was.
I believed his every sneaky lie I was best of to die.
Abuse was all that I had I was only aloud to be sad.
Darkness in on every side black thick and wide.
He stopped me from calling he kept me falling.
He said I was hated my heart felt grated.
To him I surrendered my life never ever mended.
People are better of without u that belief grew.
U are a stupid idiot and fat what do u think of that.
Well that’s what u are u can not go that far.
U will always be that way that’s what he does say.
I lay down broken I have given up pass from me my life’s cup.
He lay with me happy of what I did be.
Exhausted warn out and smashed my soul hit and crashed.
A shiny sharp evil smile comes up from my broken pile.
Its edge holds my dried blood my tears form a flood
From the cold hard ground I cry why me die.
Squashed thru broken pain lost hope of living again.
Bruised and battered on the floor thought that I would live no more.
Help me if u may is bout all that I can say.
foxy 07

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Comments (7)

i was caught by this poem... what a sad fate for her... we don't deserve to be abused by anybody... i wonder how did u manage to express this poem very well..lovely
GRUESOME IT IS..how did u manage 2 write such a intense poetry? i donno if i undestood the right msg..is it about aborting the girl child or genral concern about so muchh other.
tell me if i can help u in any way.
so cruel such a person must be! i can clearly feel the pain with ur words and wish u'll not suffer anymore, be happy always. u have put ur feelings in words very nicely!
a person like that will live a sick, horrid life. and u my dear will write. great poem
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