(May 1,1988 / Old Idanre, Ondo State)

A Cry For The Saviour

Once upon a time,
Man was an Adam
When the beautifulness was beautifying
The beauty,
Then, all sought for nothing,
The food and fruits were all Thiers.

Another was my town,
Its beauty was ayond measure,
The glory that lives in paper,
Ask Chinua or Wole
How it was.

Far ayont tale; 'Vrai'
The unswag left out goods,
The ladies who went stream late,
A single Planter that dwelt
In forest for hours,
Ask Baroka; 'the Lion'

It was settled
Indeed, before the stainer
Stained the white raiment,
Except the wars,
Fought to create peace.
The Israelites are my witness.

Thenforth, Soldiers go, Soldiers come,
None cares nor thinks of voters,
Some were chosen rather elected;
All is bellywark,
Their belly's bellytimber is only
To cut the mustard.

The man of the people
We prayed,
The beautyful one
We sought,
If not to rehabilitate
But emancipate.

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Comments (2)

Fine poetry indeed.....
Good poem. I wonder if in the fifth verse you were discussing a bailiwich? Meaning protection or fortification maybe. Then read mine - Yes I Know - in case I sound like too heavy a critic. Adeline