A Cry From Within

Poem By Valsa George

A captive to stark loneliness
He had only dark shadows for company
Wandering aimless from place to place
with the burden of years on his back
he has come seeking an escape
from the damp tunnels
and hollows of solitude

Now he is lost faceless
in a faceless crowd
A drift wood thrown ashore
on a crowded beach
The sea of people who pass roaring by
never pause to look at this man,
come trudging miles to find
a commiserative soul

None care to look into his eyes
or read his heart
He feels like a sailor
in a life boat without oars
A rolling stone kicked off
by every passing wave

At last he saw his world slowly falling apart
All he could do was stare vacant into the void
Still rises a faint cry from his heart
‘Had I got another soul to cling to'!

Comments about A Cry From Within

Superb piece.Thank u.anjandev roy.
Creative piece and vivid imagery. When one reache old age the soul may become wear I think. :-
Thank you for you comment on my work.August vistor. It made me smile beoz u can relate with. Cheers
good-hearted beings are always around to care for us....we need to seek their help....poem to poem you prove your skill greatly Valsa...you are very versatile....
At some stage of life everyone has to cross such a lonely state of mind due to bad luck and problems....we do need a shoulder to lean and share our sorrow.....but this phase of life gives a huge space for us to introspect too...

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