MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

A Cry In The Dark

How deep in life I had to fall
Living a constant lie
But then with back against the wall
I couldn't help but cry

"I've had enough I can't go on
It's far too hard to bear
Where can I hide where can I run
Is anybody there"?

Angry, downhearted, plagued with doubts
But no one seemed to care
My whispers turned to frightened shouts
"Please help me if You're there"

A week, a month, just crawled on by
Tears were nothing strange
Hopeless, depressed, wanting to die
But then I felt the change

I heard a voice perhaps a thought
But then it came again
Though briefly was The Lord's report
The facts were all so plain

I know The Father God is real
As is Jesus His Son
Knowing exactly how we feel
And all we've said and done

Upon the ground upon my face
The truth began to pour
Ridding my soul of all disgrace
Closing the devil's jaw

I thank The Lord for saving me
Through Jesus' victories won
Enabling me my faults to see
The filthy things I've done…..

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Comments (5)

I'm sure you're not as awful as you think. You are too hard on yourself.
The man who is able to think, will always aspire to it to free oneself from fears and anxiety. Doing evil can be a cause of the inner dither. The deep faith in Merciful God, and the example of living and enduring the Christ, often helps in rebuilding hope, in turns such a situation. To win it against oneself great art! It is possible. To beat one's weaknesses - to win it new life. To free oneself of fears, fear and what is disturbing us correctly to function, it more means, than a win on the lottery. Your poem is arousing such reflection in me. Nice you are writing and here I will be coming back in order to make oneself acquainted around your with artistic work. Greetings for You :) Maria Barbara Korynt
Can feel the pain you endured and in some way can relate. Bless the Lord you are free now. Very well written: -)
'I’m free to combat sin' Perfectly …
This so depressing and hard for a person. Very nice poem.