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A Cry In Wilderness

A Cry In Wilderness


How can I stand unconcerned,
whilst my people grieve and suffer?
Under oppression as they groan,
I must give vent to my seething feelings
My country has lost its map -
It is entirely nameless -
its identity is totally lost
Long ago - seven decades and three years back -
Its body was cut into two pieces -
By two fighting nations, each claiming it in full
She passed into a coma, and still remains so
Her land is sealed off by a ceasefire line,
On my side of the line, dark acts happen
Humans - natives - are slaughtered like goats
By wild, cruel, merciless wolves -
assuming human masks
Where are the envoys of peace?
Cast into a shitpit.
I weep and mourn in my heart
For they left us to bear it all alone
Hey God! curses, affliction, sorrow -
Are what you have kept in our store
Above in the sky, clouds of blood glide,
Below on the ground, streams of blood flow,
Humans can't endure anymore -
the heat-blast of awful mortar shells,
Dumping of their young ones in ground deep,
Maiming, blinding, and mass killing -
A virtual hell on earth, no abode for living in peace -
A terror so intense, launched by so called democratic state


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