A Cry Of A Sinner

A cry of a Sinner

Allow me to talk and weep
to repent for my past
It was too dark and dirty to say
It has to be spoken at least in this last minute
There were many blood spots and cries of wounded
There my aim was money and comforts
Now my sins are chasing me to kill my peace and
they are conquering my present sleep too
I am able to hear the sounds of my past
though I am in the midst of a crowd
It was not from outside to suppress
It is coming from my soul continuously
sakthi s ravichandran

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This is a great subject. Be it ur true feelings or just mimpathy; the poem is great; powerful
Confess and repent from all the wrong doings and mistakes...its not too late to clean and straighten the road of your life...........i feel your words as if they are alive...10